Oasis for Kids, Inc. Travel Learn Explore

Oasis for Kids, Inc. is a non-profit travel and learning adventure for 8-14 year olds. We take 12 kids for a trip to the Nevada desert for a week of inspiration and education. We began this program 50 years ago at a Northern California K-8 school. For the past 30 years we developed a variety of tours to the Mojave and Nevada deserts. We tracked the students from these trips, got great response from the families and realized that others could profit greatly from the same experience.
We incorporated our ideas into a 501 (c) (3) education based corporation in October 2004.

Our tours balance adventure, study, fun, personal challenges and getting along with each other.
These explorations become the epic adventure of many young lives. The kids are transported from inner cities and suburbs into another world. This new world is like being on the surface of the moon and the structure there is one they create.

A lesson plan is set for each day and journal keeping is a key time of the day. We supply photos of all the days’ activities to add to their books. Hot meals are cooked by the kids.
Trips are made to ranches and local mines to meet the hardy citizens of the Old West.
Our Oasis for Kids desert tour is a program that enriches young people’s appreciation of the environment, themselves, and the value of making friends. We challenge the youngsters to work hard to have a successful lifetime memory.
Future plans include a traveling exhibit of our activities to youth groups and schools in Northern California.

The young explorers of OASIS go off on a “Voyage of Discovery” like Lewis and Clark. They chart the unknown and return with a wealth of knowledge. They also find within themselves the great truth that they can survive any challenge with hard work and the help of their friends.

The natural surroundings of the Black Rock desert are surreal. We camp on a dry lake bed millions of years old. This “playa” or beach is 30 miles long and 15 miles wide and is surrounded by 8000 foot mountain ranges. At night there are astounding views of the heavens, the Milky Way and shooting stars. A nearby warm spring, visited twice a day, is said to have recuperative powers. When kids first arrive they all say “it’s so quiet”. The desert is a place of inspiration and peace. It gives all who go there a chance to grow spiritually.